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latakoo Flight

This is the latest latakoo Flight App in beta. This version is for testing. While it will work with our live system, we anticipate some bugs and issues.

The current beta app is latakoo Flight 6.2.20. It appears that you are using an unsupported platform. If that's the case, download it here:

If you're using a different operating system, please select from the following list. Your download will begin immediately.

New features in latakoo Flight 6.2.20 include:

  • Ability to re-size the application.
  • improved file format support.
  • Folder support is improved with refresh button and auto-detect of the shared drive
  • Fixed the issue faced when app is installed on a fresh machine
  • Disabled unused options.
  • The ability to reprioritize the order of media for processing within the Flight app through up and down arrows
  • An integrated file directory that is accessible through the ‘Add’ button. Media can be dragged from the directory into the Flight app.
  • New improved GUI
  • Ability to change the network even after the start of transcode
  • Ability to change the name of the file even after the start of the transcode
  • Metadata form integrated within the application
  • UDP acceleration is provided as a Beta feature
  • Ability to “group” files (the files should show up in Pilot in one related set).