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latakoo Flight

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New features in latakoo Flight 6.3.15 include:

  • Estimator Feature
    • The app provides an estimated time to encode and upload file given your connection speed, hardware, file type and size.
    • The estimator requires you to upload 20 files in order to produce an accurate time estimate. This applies to each user and machine.
    • Once trained, the estimator will predict the time it will take to upload a file for every quality setting on the latakoo quality slider.
    • The fastest upload will be indicated by the latakoo bird under the quality setting.

  • Speed Gauges and Automatic Transfer Protocol Selection
    • The app has two new bandwidth speed gauges in the lower right corner. One measures transfer speed to latakoo infrastructure with TCP, the other measure transfer speed to latakoo infrastructure with UDP.
    • The app will automatically select the upload protocol (UDP or TCP) to use based on which protocol is faster by at least 20%. (There will be no switch if the difference is less than 20%.)
    • The app will estimate delivery speeds at every quality setting for both UDP or TCP. Uploaders can switch between the two manually to see the different speeds.

  • UDP Improvements
    • A toggle switch on the app interface provides easy switching between UDP and TCP uploading.
    • Improved UDP upload capability.

  • Other functionality:
    • Improved handling of lost or stopped connection. The app will continue encoding when connections drop. When the app reconnects with the Internet, the upload will resume from the point in the transfer where it stopped when the connection failed.
    • Clear messaging when connection is not available.
    • Compressed upload now available for photo files.
    • Fixed the issue with image group upload.
    • Fixed issue with network calls and made them more resilient to network fluctuations.
    • Disables the proxy-selection, UDP toggle, upload method selection, sleep override, while the upload is happening.

  • Bug fixes
    • fixed the issue with sending non-media files.
    • fixed issue with working on non-english language machines
    • Fixed issue with uncompressed upload never completes.
    • Fixed issue with false connection lost message.
    • Fixed issue with app difficulty in stopping the app.
    • Fixed issue with app displaying incorrect speed of upload.
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