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New features in latakoo Flight 6.1.20 include:

  • Added additional developer option to verify the MD5 sum of the file
  • Fix for missing DLL patch in Windows OS
  • Automated metadata pop-up (must be enabled by Admin)
  • Improved ability to select automated file stitching in the cloud
  • Better bandwidth utilization for faster file transfer
  • Ability to automatically recognize and upload many camera folder structures, including Canon, Panasonic, Sony and Go-Pro
  • Image file upload
  • Sendtolatakoo support for Avid
  • Ability to set default bitrate and network for upload
  • Wireless workflow for use with cameras with built-in connectivity and FTP
  • Rename files in app before upload
  • 16 audio tracks bug fix for some file types
  • Bug fix for AVCI50 uncompressed upload
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