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latakoo Flight

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New features in latakoo Flight 6.2.23 include:

  • Support for XDCAM 35 (MXF) codec.
  • Can disable device sleep during uploads.
  • Ability to re-size the application.
  • improved file format support.
  • Folder support is improved with refresh button and auto-detect of the shared drive
  • Fixed the issue faced when app is installed on a fresh machine
  • Disabled unused options.
  • The ability to reprioritize the order of media for processing within the Flight app through up and down arrows
  • An integrated file directory that is accessible through the ‘Add’ button. Media can be dragged from the directory into the Flight app.
  • New improved GUI
  • Ability to change the network even after the start of transcode
  • Ability to change the name of the file even after the start of the transcode
  • Metadata form integrated within the application
  • UDP acceleration is provided as a Beta feature
  • Ability to “group” files (the files should show up in Pilot in one related set).
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