Frequently Asked Questions

What is latakoo?

latakoo makes it easy to send, store and share video privately online. latakoo Flight (our tool) makes it possible to send large video files (HD or SD) over the Internet in just minutes while using nothing more than your computer.

latakoo is a full service private video management system. Through an incredibly simple, one-touch solution called latakoo Flight, we enable videographers to easily and quickly compress and upload their large video files in a matter of minutes rather than hours. And, you don’t need to use one tool to compress, then another tool to send.

In TV news, there is no longer any need to race to a satellite or microwave truck or a fat pipe broadband link. latakoo enables the same simplicity for consumers, pro-sumers, PR agencies, production companies, corporate video users, content delivery networks, and anyone needing to affordably and quickly send video. Raw HD video files are typically compressed on the order of 95-99% while retaining HD quality, significantly reducing upload times, and minimizing costs for video storage and streaming. latakoo is for anyone using video. After the video has been uploaded to your account inside the latakoo site, you can privately share or stream videos to your customers or your friends in a number of ways.

I need help! Can I speak to someone?

Yes, we would ask that you first check our support database to see if we may already have answered your question, and if not, please call 1-877-882-KOOO (5666). If your issue is not urgent, you can also use our support form or send a message to, and you will receive a response within 24 hours. At latakoo, our customer's satisfaction is our primary concern; we value your input and feedback, and are determined to quickly solve any issues you might be encountering.

How does latakoo and the latakoo Flight tool work?

latakoo Flight uses open source compression technology that has been through maximum optimization for various codecs. We retain quality while still reducing the size of your video files by up to 99% before sending them to our servers. They are archived in the “cloud” for easy access. Because we use industry standard file formats like Apple QuickTime and MPEG-4, the file can be downloaded straight into your favorite video editing application.

Once a video has been uploaded to latakoo, it is stored in our web-based cloud application. You can search for videos you’ve previously uploaded, add relevant information, and collaborate with your friends or colleagues via private “video networks”. For corporate users, we’ve created Hangars – an enterprise video solution that simplifies billing, privacy and collaboration so that you can concentrate on getting the footage you need.

Do I need to install special software?

No browser plug-ins or other enabling software is required to use latakoo Flight. The Flight application itself may be downloaded from our website, for installation on either your Mac (OS X) or PC (Windows XP and higher). This tool then runs locally on your computer to work with latakoo’s website and compress all of your video files before they are sent over the Internet.

Can I send HD or SD video?

latakoo can process SD or HD, PAL or NTSC.

What type of video formats are accepted?

We accept all major video standards, and are adding more all the time. Click here to see a complete list. Sometimes we aren't able to compress a proprietary video format. Usually, these cameras have settings that allow you to capture video in a more standard file format. If in doubt, get in touch ( and we'll be happy to advise you.

What type of output formats are provided?

latakoo is designed to meet your needs no matter how long or how short the video. Very long videos may take a little longer to upload. But we're confident you'll enjoy much faster transmission times than with other methods, and you’ll always be amazed by the quality of the final video product we deliver.

Is there a maximum video length I can submit? Maximum file size?

latakoo is designed to meet your needs no matter how long or how short the video. Very long videos may take a little longer to upload - but we're confident you'll enjoy much faster transmission times than with other methods.

What type of hardware and software requirements are there to use latakoo and the Flight tool?

All you need is a Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or above, or a PC running Windows XP or above, an Internet connection (even a 3G or 4G card) and a web browser. Because video compression is an intensive process, we recommend a multi-core processor (for example, those found in MacBook Pros or anything with a Intel Core Duo processor or above), and we don't recommend Ultra-Mobile PCs. latakoo Flight has been tested on a wide range of personal computers.

Can I use Flight with my existing video editing solution?

latakoo Flight’s video output can be used in most video editing systems on the market. Some editing systems support the H.264 file initially produced by latakoo. Some proprietary systems don't support H.264. No worries because latakoo Flight has an answer for both: You have a choice on which file you use. If you are on professional editing systems like Final Cut Pro or Avid, you may prefer to download the Avid DnxHD file. For more information on how to use this file, consult our User Guide.

How does my connection (LAN, Wi-Fi, cellular) affect my speed of upload?

The faster your Internet connection is, the faster your upload will be. For best results, we recommend a home broadband connection (2mbps) or above. However, we've tested video uploads using cellular connections, satellite phones, connections on public transport and in public places. Uploads are always faster on any connection, regardless of bandwidth, when you are using latakoo Flight.

Can I edit my uploaded video?

Absolutely! latakoo outputs video in industry standard formats. All you need to do is download your video from our web archive and edit it in your tool of choice.

Is there a limit to how many times I can send video?

There is no physical limit to the number of times you can send video, although latakoo account tiers contain an allocation of minutes of video sent and received each month. If you need more minutes, it’s easy to upgrade right on our site. Click on “My latakoo,” then click on “Add more minutes or change my billing plan.” Think of our plans like cell phone plans. If you go over, you will be billed at the pay-per-minute rate.

How much time does it take to send?

This depends on the size and length of your video, your computer's processing power, your Internet connection, and the quality of output you need. On a home broadband connection (2mbps) with an Intel Core Duo 2 laptop running Windows 7, a 30-second 720p video takes 2 minutes to encode and upload. While we can’t guarantee times, we do know latakoo Flight is among the fastest and easiest ways to send video over the web.

What's the difference between fast, faster and fastest settings on the Flight app?

The latakoo Flight app has three settings: fast, faster and fastest. These correspond to video bitrates of 6mbps, 4mpbs, 2mbps, respectively. A higher bit rate means the video has more information and that usually means it takes more time to convey. In most cases, due to the quality of the compression latakoo employs, users report that 2mbps (fastest) is more than enough for their needs, even in a broadcast environment. Videos that include heavy amounts of action, such as sports video, may show better results in 4 or 6 mbps (faster or fast).

How will the Flight app quality settings affect the time it takes to send a file?

Roughly speaking, the fast setting will take one and a half times as long as the fastest. Remember the fast is moving 6mbps and thus, transferring more data. But the time really depends on the content of your video and the speed of your computer's processor.

What resolution and dimensions will latakoo Flight videos have?

latakoo Flight delivers files in the resolutions and dimensions of the original files. If you send in a standard definition 4 X 3 file, it will come out in that format. If you send in a standard definition resolution file with widescreen dimensions, latakoo Flight transcodes the dimensions with the HD settings. Any video dimension set at 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720 or similar anamorphic settings will transcode in the HD dimension. The only real difference, and you can’t really see it, is that the file you are working with is now only one or two percent of its original size.

How does the Flight app work? Can I send standard definition (SD) video?

The Flight app works by encoding your video in a highly optimized version of the H.264 compression standard before uploading it using a standard Internet connection to the latakoo web archive. From there, you - or anyone you grant access to - can download it.

The Flight app works by encoding your video in a highly optimized version of the H.264 compression standard before uploading it using a standard Internet connection to the latakoo Flight web archive. From there, you, or anyone you grant access to, can download or stream the video. The latakoo Flight app works well with any resolution of video, including standard definition. Regardless of the input size, your video transfers will be accelerated.

Can I send graphics? What other types of files can I send?

Right now, latakoo Flight is designed to work best with video files, but users are able to send graphics and animation files through our system. And, they look great. More file formats are in the works. Stay tuned!

Are my videos safe?

Your videos are stored in a secure datacenter with multiple redundancies. Should there be a problem in one datacenter, your videos are replicated in two others to ensure a high level of resilience.

Can I publish my video to social networking sites? Can I invite non-latakoo members to see my videos?

Streaming is available directly from the latakoo website. You can share your videos with anyone by using our sharing tool. And the link you generate with that share function will also allow you to share the video on social networking sites. Our video networks function allows you to create networks of users that are allowed to see all the video in a specified network. You can invite people into your networks. Video networks are particularly useful for collaboration on projects, especially in news and production businesses. The videos you upload with latakoo Flight are yours, and we believe you should have full control over how they are used. That includes sharing them on the Internet or keeping them secure for your own use.

Can I share my video on Facebook? What about YouTube? Or even

Absoultely, most certainly and without a doubt! You can share to any one or all of these decide. To enable this feature, after signing in:

  • Click on My latakoo from the top menu.
  • Scroll down to "Your account" and click on "Linked Accounts".
  • Connect to any of the services you see listed.

That's it! Now when you go to share your video, you'll see your linked accounts under "Share on external sites". Happy sharing!

Pricing & service plans

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

No, long term contracts are not required. For large corporate customers, our sales team can set up a needs-based plan that would require a contract. Contact them at

How will I be billed?

We sell plans that are based on a purchase of minutes, which is similar to how most people pay for their cell phone usage. Billing is in advance for minutes purchased and we offer a number of different monthly plans that are scaled based upon the minutes you need and expect to use on a regular basis. When you buy a package, you authorize latakoo to charge your credit or debit card for that package every month until you tell us to stop. For our pay-as-you-go plan, you will simply pay for the number of minutes you would like to upload.

What payment methods are accepted by latakoo?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX.

If you are a corporate account, our sales team can work with you to choose the best plan for your usage scheme. Contact them at

So, in latakoo’s pricing plan, the size of the file I'm sending doesn’t matter?

In a word, “No.” If the video you are sending is one minute long, you will be charged for one minute. When you buy one minute of Flight time, you’re spending only to send one minute of video. You pay nothing more on special software or hardware. We provide a pay-per-minute option for single deliveries and monthly packages of minutes, at steadily lower per-minute prices, the bigger the package you buy.

What do the package plans include?

Our plans include conveyance minutes – these are the minutes you use to upload your videos (again, if your video is one minute, one minute is charged against your time), streaming minutes – these are the minutes you use to stream off our site once the video is uploaded to your account and the minutes we charge against when you download a video file, and storage minutes – these are minutes that allow you to archive your videos, store it with us instead of on hard drives.

What's latakoo's refund policy?

You may cancel a latakoo monthly subscription during the first 30 days of usage for any reason and latakoo will provide you with a full refund. After the first 30 days, you can cancel at anytime and you won’t be charged again, however you are responsible for expenses that have already been incurred for the current billing period. The account will remain active until the end of the period of time that has been paid for in advance and then the account will be closed and all content will be immediately deleted.

After the first 30 days of usage, there are no refunds.

You can cancel at any time by logging onto My latakoo and selecting "cancel my account". We will miss you.

Am I charged for downloads?

Yes. Your downloads are charged against your streaming minutes. If you download a one minute file, one minute is charged against your streaming minutes.

If I begin to stream a video and don’t finish, am I charged for the streaming?

Yes. Any time you begin playing a video, you are charged for the entire time of the video against your streaming minutes.

How do I cancel my account?

You may cancel your account at any time by logging into “My latakoo” and selecting the "cancel my account" button. When you cancel, the video you’ve stored in our cloud goes away and no longer is accessible. Of course, we’ll happily welcome you back should you change your mind. Your videos, though, will be gone.

What are video networks? Why would I need them?

Video networks are private collaborative spaces. If you are a freelance videographer you might want to create such an area for a regular, large client. They can upload video to you and you can upload video to them. You can give them download permissions as well. Television stations might want to have special areas for different departments, like news, weather, and sports. You could also create them for a group of family members or friends to share videos only with each other.

How do I create a video network?

Start by going to “My latakoo” and clicking in, scroll down to “video networks” and then click on “click here to add a new one.”