How latakoo and LiveU work together

latakoo delivers your LiveU footage seamlessly.

  1. We create a link between your LiveU and latakoo accounts. We'll set you up with any accounts you don't have.
  2. An easy latakoo control panel lets you assign a backpack to a photographer and video destination with just a few clicks.
  3. All stored video uploads from your LiveU backpacks flow seamlessly into latakoo, with the photographer and destination you've assigned.
  4. If you have set up your latakoo destination to synchronize with your Avid system, FTP site or other landing point, latakoo will send your LiveU files there automatically.
  5. You can reassign any of your backpacks to any photographer and destination, whenever you need to.

To get started, pick an option:

  1. I don't have LiveU
  2. I have a LiveU account and want to add latakoo