Getting started with latakoo

latakoo is the easiest way to send high quality video – fast. This brief introduction to the system will get you up and running as quickly as possible.

You’ll need a latakoo account. If you don’t have one yet, head over to, click “Sign up”, and enter your details. Note that in the beta period, you’ll need to enter a beta invitation code.

Table of Contents

Before we begin: a quick overview

latakoo is the easiest way to send high quality video – fast.

When you sign up, you are asked to create a user account. Subsequently, some payment plans allow you to create video networks. The user account relates to you; video networks are spaces that allow you to pool videos with your contacts. You may invite an unlimited number of people to upload video as part of your video networks. Everyone will be able to see every video – the video network becomes a common upload space. While many video networks may share same or similar names, you are not actually part of that network until you are invited in and both parties accept. Note, though, that usage for all videos uploaded to a video network is billed to the network owner.

Usage is billed according to the number of minutes of video that have been stored, uploaded & downloaded.

Quick start: 5 minutes to sending video

  • Log into latakoo by visiting, clicking on Login, and entering your registered email address and password.
  • Click on “Get the latakoo app.”

  • The app download page should correctly have decided if you are using a Mac or a Windows computer. If so, click the “download latakoo app” button; if not, select the correct choice using the drop-down menu below. (latakoo Flight is currently only available for Mac and Windows computers.)
  • You will be prompted to download a .zip archive file. Do so; once the download has completed, open the archive and run the installer inside it.
  • Follow the installer instructions.

  • Once the latakoo Flight app has installed, launch it from the launch bar (if you’re on a Mac) or the Start menu (if you’re using Windows).
  • Drag your video into the latakoo Flight app.
  • If you use latakoo video networks, select the one you wish to upload to from the pull-down menu in the app.
  • Push the app's Start button. Your video will upload within minutes.
  • Once your video has uploaded, click the latakoo Website button. If you need to, log back into the site.
  • You will be taken to the dashboard, where your newly-uploaded video will be displayed:

  • If you want to share it with someone who isn’t a registered member of one of your latakoo video networks, click Share and enter their details:

  • They will be sent an email with a special link to your video. They will be able to stream or download it.
  • If you would like to download your video, simply click Download. You will get a choice: 1) a file that can be used for viewing, sending, and editing in some systems, or 2) a file that is optimized for editing in most major edit suites. This file will be preferred by professional users employing systems like Avid or apple Final Cut Pro.
  • You can also click Edit to add a set of keyword tags.

Using the latakoo website

Logging in

You need to access the latakoo website in order to both send and download video.

  • Open your favorite web browser.
  • Enter in the address bar.
  • Click the “login” button on the top right of the page.
  • Enter the email address and password you registered with. (Have an account but forgotten what your password is? Click “forgotten password”.)
  • You’ll be transported to the latakoo dashboard.


Once you’ve logged in, the top of the page contains a number of navigation options, corresponding to the main areas of the site. Wherever you are on the site, these links will always remain at the top.

In turn, these are:

  • The Dashboard (click the latakoo bird icon): a detailed view of the most recent videos you’ve sent.
  • Pilot: a line-by-line news feed containing all videos that have been sent to your company, with the newest at the top.
  • Get the latakoo app: you need the latakoo Flight app to send video. You can download it from this page. (You’ll be notified when an update is available by the tool itself.)
  • Support: links to get support from the latakoo team.
  • My latakoo: change your account settings, and invite other users to join your video networks. This is also where you will find your billing history.


The latakoo dashboard allows you to view the most recently uploaded videos that you have access to: those that you have uploaded, or that have been uploaded into your video networks.

Navigating and searching for videos

Across the top of the dashboard screen, below the main navigation, sits two helpful navigational elements: a date picker, and a search bar.

The date picker allows you to navigate videos by the day they were uploaded. It will also display your most commonly used keyword tags, for easy access.

The search bar allows you to search videos by keyword tag, and also by date. Enter horses, and you’ll see all the videos in your company that were tagged with horses. Enter December 15, 2010, and you’ll find all the videos that were uploaded on December 15th, 2010.

If more than one video is displayed on the dashboard at once, you can choose which one you want to view using the preview bar below the main video screen.

Downloading, sharing, editing & deleting videos

Dashboard videos have a number of associated options:


Each video has a Download button. Click this to retrieve a full-size copy of the video; a panel will open asking if you want to download it in latakoo Flight standard format, or a format optimized for video editing suites. This latter option requires that you have installed the latakoo Flight app. When you lick on the optimized option, the tool is launched in the background and downloading and transcoding is immediate.

You may also click the “play” button on each video to display it within the context of the dashboard. Note that as this is a full-resolution streaming copy of the video, playback requires a broadband Internet connection.


If you have the ability to edit the video – i.e., you uploaded it, or you are an administrator for your company’s account – you may click “Share” to share the video with people outside of your company account. They don’t need to have a user account with latakoo Flight; instead, they will receive an email containing a special link that will allow them to download the video.

To send this email, click “Share” and enter the email address or addresses of your intended recipients, as well as an optional message for them.

Once you’re done, hit the “Share” button and the message will be sent.

Edit Details

The “edit details” option allows you to add keywords to a video, so you can find it more easily in the future using the search bar. Simply click “edit details”, enter your keyword tags (separated with commas), and click “save”. Here, you can also assign access to your chosen video network.


The “delete” option removes your video from the system. Be careful – once you’ve confirmed you want to delete a video, it’s gone forever.


Pilot is a high-level overview of all videos that you have access to (whether you’ve uploaded them or they’re part of your video networks), displayed as a news feed with the most recent entries at the top.

Each video entry includes when it was uploaded, who uploaded it, the name of the video, and its length in minutes and seconds.

You may use the “search” box to limit by keyword tag, and you can click on the name of the uploading user to only show videos that they uploaded.

You can click the title of a video to display it in the dashboard view, for easy downloading, editing and sharing.

Click on Info to get more information about the file, the encoding and uploading speeds, operating system, etc.

Get the latakoo app

The latakoo app allows you to quickly and easily upload video to latakoo.

This page will detect your operating system and allow you to download the version of the app best suited to you.

Sometimes, for example if you’re behind some corporate firewalls, latakoo Flight will be unable to detect your operating system, or will detect incorrectly. In those cases, you can use the pull-down menu to select the best app for your computer.


You may get in touch with latakoo support by clicking on Support at any time or calling us on 1-877-882-KOOO (5666).

My latakoo

My latakoo allows you to get useful information about your account, change your password and invite new people to join your video networks. Depending on your payment plan, it may also allow you to create new video networks.

How many minutes have I used?

The main My latakoo screen will tell you how many video minutes you have used overall, as well as in the last billing period.

Changing your video network settings & inviting new users

Click on “Administration” under your network’s heading.

To change the name of your video network, click “Edit video network settings”, enter your new name, and click “Save”.

You may also add, remove and alter members of your network from this screen.

To add a member, enter his or her email address in the box provided. You can invite more than one user by entering multiple email addresses, one per line. Click “Add members”; they will be sent a special email that will allow them to join latakoo Flight and automatically be added to your video network.

Users who have already signed up for latakoo and who are members of your company may also be made into administrators of your company. This allows them to change video network settings and add new users.

From this screen you may also remove administration privileges, and remove users from a video network space entirely.

Changing your name, email address & password

From the main My latakoo screen, click on “change your account settings”.

From here, you may change your name and email address. If you are the member of more than one company, you may also choose which of your videos are uploaded to by default.

Finally, to change your password, click the link marked “change your password”. You will need to enter your new password twice, to ensure it is correctly stored.

Using the latakoo Flight app

The latakoo Flight app is a simple way to upload videos – no matter what resolution – to latakoo.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you can simply launch it by clicking on the latakoo icon in your Start menu or Launcher (depending on whether you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac). You can also simply drag videos onto the icon for latakoo Flight.

Once the app has loaded, you can simply drag videos into the window to queue them for uploading. You may add as many videos as you like. The first time you use the app, and any time you change your password, it will ask you for your latakoo login credentials.

If you use latakoo video networks, you will need to select this before you begin uploading. You can do this by selecting your network from the pull-down menu.

If you like, you can click Settings to choose your quality level.

Fastest video transfer is the default. This corresponds to 2Mbps; there are also two further video settings, which increase the bitrate of the video to a maximum of 6Mbps.

Once you have dragged in one or more videos, you may remove them by clicking the trash can icon next to their file names.

Click Start to begin uploading.

latakoo Flight uploads are two-part processes: encoding and uploading. At the end of each of these, the app will provide a green light to indicate success, and a red light to indicate failure.

Once your video has successfully uploaded, the app will announce the start and end time for the process. You may then click on the latakoo Website button to visit the latakoo Flight site.

Supported video formats & codecs

Please see our supported formats page.


Please see our contact page.