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Latakoo Flight 6.6.0 is a major release. We encourage all users to upgrade as all prior latakoo Flight versions will not be supported as of June 15, 2023.

New features and improvements available in latakoo Flight 6.6.0

  • Implemented more efficient upload method for all upload scenarios
  • Removed support for TCP/UDP choice in app
  • Improved accuracy, duration, and visibility of upload speed test
  • Streamlined login process using
  • Native Single Sign-On (SSO) support for participating organizations
  • Improved recovery from network drops
  • Fixed hanging video settings window
  • New Windows Installer MSI package for managed and unattended installation
  • Greatly decreased Windows installation package size
  • Increased security by upgrading or removing several aging or deprecated components
  • Improved logging output and configuration
  • Several UI cleanups and UX improvements